I am always torn about writing about Rolex watches - because frankly, they don't need the press. While I'd be happy wearing any number of Rolex watches (although I feel most of them are too small these days), there are a few interesting models that standout to me that don't get a lot of face time. In fact, many of my favorite Rolex watches are less than stellar sellers. These include two-tone models (Rolesor) and models like this Rolex Daytona with a meteorite dial. Personally, I love meteorite dials. I don't think that I www.gavinwatch.com collected rocks as a kid, but stuff from space did fascinate me. In this case, the "source" of the dial is actually more interesting to me than the look of it. Though I do admit, as far as stone dials go, acid washed meteorite is pretty nice. Plus, Rolex being Rolex, they are going to choose the nicest meteorite they can get their hands on. Rolex has a problem in this area though. There are so many "modified" Rolex watches out there, it is replica rolex daytona very hard to tell with rarer models like this whether or not they came directly from Rolex, or are the product of some after market modification. Such mods aren't bad in theory, but not all of them are created equally. I have seem some awful, awful modified watches in my life (Rolexes being among them). As far as I know Rolex only offered (offers) the Daytona with a meteorite dial in an 18k white gold case - with nice looking red chronograph hands. Not sure if you can find them with the hour markers instead of the Roman Numerals. The case is 40mm wide - which is small to me these days. But For a Daytona I would sport the size with pleasure (especially with a cool meteorite dial). Here you can see it with a nice brown leather strap. Price is about $20,000 - $25,000, depending on where you can find it.
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Christopher G. Moore on Vincent Calvino, Interview by Richard Barrow

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Christopher G. Moore on Vincent Calvino and chance to win his latest book June 15, 2015 By Richard Barrow Christopher G. Moore is a Canadian writer who has been based in Thailand for 25 years. He is best known for his behind-the-smiles trilogy “A Killing Smile”, “A Bewitching Smile” and “A Haunting Smile”, and for his Vincent […] IWEBIX Webdesign

Cold Hit Audio Book

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Cold Hit Audio Book The audio book for Cold Hit now has a great trailer. Have a look. The idea is to give a sense of the book and the Bangkok setting. Much thanks to Sean at Aquarium Studios for the production. Jarad Henry put together the footage and Aquarium did a fantastic job laying […]

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