A Haunting Smile by Christopher G. Moore


Title: A Haunting Smile
Third in the Land of Smiles Trilogy
Author: Christopher G. Moore
ISBN: 974-92214-8-6
Published: 2004
Format: Trade Paperback, 320 pages
Price: Baht495 / USD12.95

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A Haunting Smile, the final novel in the Land of Smiles Trilogy, is a sharply observed picture interweaving documentary film technique and montage to convey the psychological horror, personal anguish and despair of the Black May of 1992 when students, workers, along with mobile phone carrying yuppies were massacred by the military on the streets of Bangkok.

Robert Tuttle and George Snow, running at break neck speed down the back alleys, hope to find a safe passage out of the nightmare of killing. The ghosts from old battlefields wander the waterholes of Patpong mingling among the drifters, demimonde arms dealers and journalists. Together they enter a matrix where massacres are a way of life, and the survivors bringing back tales of midnight secret executions.


“Courageous . . . someone to watch.”
Peter Carey

A Haunting Smile is disturbing. Moore jars the senses with discordant juxtapositions of his now familiar HQ, an all-night coffee shop where stereotypical ‘hardcore’ (read ‘cured of romance’) farang hang out, indulging in a never-ending cycle of alcohol and sex, with the shattering events of Rachadamnoen Avenue, and what! Virtual reality?”
Bangkok Post

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