Sex Talk by Kaewmala


Title: Sex Talk
Author: Kaewmala
ISBN: 978-974-94788-3-7
Published: 2009
Format: Paperback, 327 pages
Price: Baht495 / USD10.95

*Re-titled: “Thai Love Talk: In Search of Love and Romance
for print and e-book editions on Amazon.

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Sweet Talk for Thai Sweetheart
by Christopher G. Moore & Kaewmala

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Kindle $2.99

Whether you are in love or seeking love with a Thai … or you are simply curious how Thais think and talk about love and sex, Sex Talk: In Search of Love and Romance is your indispensable guide to Thai sexuality.

The author Kaewmala reveals from a Thai-female perspective the Thai romantic and erotic culture. She explores Thai views of love and lust, art of flirting, traditional and modern courtship rituals, vocabulary for lovers and bedmates, as well as what’s beautiful and sexy.

Sex Talk takes you on a journey that is intriguing, funny and wild, befuddling and eye-opening, offering a wealth of vocabulary and cultural insights. It is much more than a love dictionary or a romantic phrasebook.


“For newcomers to Thai culture [Sex Talk] provides some interesting background information; for those more versed in Thai it is a handy guide to the amorous idiom.”
Bangkok Post

“Well crafted … collection of Thai words and expressions that focus on personal relationships [which] the author Kaewmala has sweetened the mix with a fair amount of Thai history and culture…. If you are a student of Thai, you are certain to enjoy adding these and more phrases into your language stash.”
—Catherine Wentworth, womenlearnthai.com

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