Hooked on Thailand by Peter Jaggs


Title: Hooked on Thailand
Author: Peter Jaggs
ISBN: 978-616-90393-2-7
Published: 2009
Format: Paperback, 181 pp.
Price: Baht495 / USD10.95

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Throw together a mad-keen fisherman and a sexy Thai woman, mix in a score of hilarious angling trips that take the couple from the shores of a secluded, balmy beach to the bustling fishing parks of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, add a dash of local color and customs, and you have the bait for getting Hooked on Thailand.

Join the author and his vivacious Thai girlfriend on their off-beat angling adventures as they travel around the country in search of snakehead, giant catfish and carp and fish inland waters as diverse as a barren jungle ditch to a world famous lake teeming with monsters. Take a ride with the irrepressible pair on the Banana Boat to a deserted tropical island where they cast a line for Long tom and barracuda, and accompany them as they hunt for rabbitfish, mackerel and rays in the warm tropical seas around Thailand’s stunning coastline.

Peter Jaggs’s fifth book provides a fascinating glimpse into the bird and animal life of Thailand, as well as giving the reader many insights into some of the more bizarre folklore tales and extraordinary characters any visiting fisherman will come across during his time in the country. A guaranteed laugh a chapter, together with a philosophical look at the relationship between a visiting angler and a Pattaya bargirl make Hooked on Thailand very much more than just a book about fishing.


“A delightful read … [Peter Jaggs] makes you laugh with some of the funniest mishap tales, or feel nostalgia for a bygone Pattaya.”
Pattaya Trader

“By turns, amusing, charming, hilariously original, and peppered with some of the funniest, most memorable expat capers I’ve read. Peter Jaggs hooked me.”
—Christopher G. Moore

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