Press Release: Phnom Penh Noir

Press Release

12th October 2012

Phnom Penh Noir

By Roland Joffé, James Grady, John Burdett, Christopher G. Moore, Kosal Khiev, Prabda Yoon, Bopha Phorn,
Giancarlo Narciso, Christopher West, Richard Rubenstein, Suong Mak, Andrew Nette, Bob Bergin,
Neil Wilford, and Christopher Minko


B-Format | Pages: 398| Price: 595 Baht
ISBN: 978-616-7503-15-8
Release date: 30 November 2012

Many noir anthologies have inspired writers and publishers around the world to gather novelists to set noir stories in a city. When it comes to noir, not all cities are equal.

The history of genocide and dislocation sets Phnom Penh apart from other places. What other city in modern times was emptied of all of its people at gun point, a city abandoned and left as a ghost town?

The authors of Phnom Penh Noir take you inside the lives of Cambodians who carry that legacy of that fateful day on 17 April 1975 when the Khmer Rouge arrived and forced the population to evacuate to the countryside.

The Khmer Rouge experiment resulted in radical transformation of a society that left a bloody trail, one that left almost no family untouched, and hovers close to the surface in these stories.

In Phnom Penh Noir, the stories, lyrics, and cover photograph have joined legendary creative talents like Roland Joffé, James Grady and John Burdett along with a young generation of Cambodians.

The noir tales unfold through multiple points of view and enrich the reading experience. Truth, mortality, regret, betrayal, and loss play out in these stories, poetry and lyrics. The authors and publishers will contribute twenty percent of their earnings from this book to selected charity organizations in Cambodia.

Official website: www.phnompenhnoir.com

20% of the book profits will go to selected charities in Cambodia.


About the Book Launch

The official worldwide launch of Phnom Penh Noir will take place on 30 November 2012 at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Cambodia in Phnom Penh. This is an invitation only audience of 250 people. It will be covered by Cambodian TV and video recorded for YouTube upload.

The book launch will combine talks, performance, and visual art that are part of the noir movement. Roland Joffé, whose story Hearts and Minds is the lead story in Phnom Penh Noir will speak, followed by live performances by artists, whose lyrics and story are featured in the book, Christopher Minko’s KROM band and Kosal Khiev, an internationally acclaimed Cambodian rap poet. Christopher G. Moore, editor of the anthology, will emcee the event.

The partners and sponsors of the book launch include:

·          Media and PR partners: Phnom Penh Post, Meta House, FCCC

·          Sponsors: Attwood Ltd. (Heineken and Jonnie Walker), Rotary Club Phnom Penh


Further information

Heaven Lake Press will have books for delivery to bookstores from 22nd October 2012. For more information about the book, to arrange interviews with the authors or request a review copy, please contact Ms. Busakorn, Email: editorial@heavenlakepress.com.

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