Press Release: The Marriage Tree

Press Release

31 October 2013

The Marriage Tree

Fourteenth in the Vincent Calvino P.I. Series

By Christopher G. Moore


B-Format | Pages: 421 | Price: 495 Baht

ISBN: 978-616-7503-23-3

Release date: 1 December 2013

Vincent Calvino novels are set in Southeast Asian countries in transition. Historical change figures large in the award-winning Zero Hour in Phnom Penh, when Calvino traveled to Cambodia, and in Comfort Zone when a case took him to Vietnam.

In the latest, 13th book in the series, Missing in Rangoon, Calvino arrives in Burma just as it’s opened up after a long period of political and economic isolation.


About the book

It’s okay for Thais to believe in ghosts; it’s their birthright. But why is Vincent Calvino seeing ghosts, and why are they so angry? Calvino is haunted by a series of deaths in Rangoon and Bangkok, when he stumbles onto a new murder case—but is it a new case, or an old one returned from the dead? Calvino’s investigation takes him deep into the Thai forest searching for the clues among the mythical sword and mystical marriage trees.


About the author

Christopher G. Moore is a Bangkok-based Canadian author of 24 novels and several non-fiction titles. His Vincent Calvino novels have won prestigious awards, such as the German Critics Award (Deutscher Krimi Preis – for Zero Hour in Phnom Penh) and the Shamus Award (for Asia Hand).


Praise for Missing in Rangoon

“[Moore’s] descriptions of Rangoon are excellent. In particular, he excels at describing the human and social fall-out that occurs when a poor, isolated country suddenly opens its borders to the world….Missing in Rangoon is a satisfying read, a mixture of hard-boiled crime fiction and acute social observation set in a little known part of Asia.” —Crime Fiction Lover

“The story is delicious… The plot takes several wonderful twists that keep the reader mesmerized… Some of the best writing in the book concerns the labyrinthine Burmese legal system and its courts… with an eye for detail [it’s] remarkably descriptive and enchanting… It’s Moore at his best.” —WoWasis Travelblog


Praise for the Vincent Calvino Series

One of “100 Eyes of Mystery Scene Era” in the 100th issue of Mystery Scene Magazine

“Think Dashiell Hammett in Bangkok.”—San Francisco Chronicle

“A worthy example of a serial character, Vincent Calvino is human and convincing.”
Thriller Magazine (Italy)

“Vincent Calvino is a terrific character who could only have been drafted into action by a terrific writer.”—T. Jefferson Parker, author of L.A. Outlaws.

“Moore’s Vincent Calvino novels … are crisp, atmospheric entertainments set in a noirish Bangkok.”—The Guardian

“Vincent Calvino is one of the most notable detectives of modern crime literature.”—Harmut Wilmes, Kölnische Rundschau

“A vivid sense of place … the city of Bangkok, with its chaos and mystery, is almost another character. Recommended.”—Library Journal

“The Vincent Calvino series belongs on every Asian crime list.”—Booklist

“Moore’s flashy style successfully captures the dizzying contradictions in [Bangkok’s] vertiginous landscape.”—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review


Further information

For more information about the book, to arrange interviews with the editor/authors or request a review copy, please contact Khun Busakorn, Email: editorial@heavenlakepress.com.

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