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The Great Unravelling: A Vincent Calvino Crime trilogy by Christopher G. Moore


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The Great Unravelling Trilogy, as this Calvino trilogy may be called, is about the desperation and hope of individuals seeking freedom who find themselves perilously constrained in Southeast Asia, where human rights and liberty are negatively geared by big men in power.

It is safe to say that never before in the history of private detective fiction has there been the weight of discourse and thinking, the Zeitgeist of millennial upheaval that resides in The Great Unraveling Trilogy. Though these novels satisfy the basic need of the crime reader for visceral entertainment and cognitive puzzles, they are works of art which carry the entire burden of existentialism in Southeast Asia. It is the magical world of dreams, with its subconscious lava pipes of freedom, whose existence is a threat to the mindset of gangsters and powerful who always seek obedience and uniformity of behaviour.

Excerpt from Chad A. Evan’s Vincent Calvino’s World (2015)

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