The Orwell Brigade

Title: The Orwell Brigade Author: John Burdett, Mike Lawson, John Lantigua, Gary Phillips, Ernesto Mallo, Ruth Dudley Edwards, Matt Rees, Christopher G. Moore, Colin Cotterill, Barbara Nadel, Quentin Bates, George Fetherling. ISBN: 978-616-7503-16-5 Published: 2013 Format: Trade Paperback, 180 pages Price: Baht395 / USD10.95 Release date: November 2012 Buy books Worldwide  ::  Buy books in […]

Ernesto Mallo

Ernesto Mallo is a self-taught writer, unredeemed and proud of it. To his fortune, God abandoned him as a child so he began writing because it was the only thing he did well at school. He had many different jobs, some not quite legal and others downright subversive but was never caught. He devotes all […]

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