The Orwell Brigade

Title: The Orwell Brigade Author: John Burdett, Mike Lawson, John Lantigua, Gary Phillips, Ernesto Mallo, Ruth Dudley Edwards, Matt Rees, Christopher G. Moore, Colin Cotterill, Barbara Nadel, Quentin Bates, George Fetherling. ISBN: 978-616-7503-16-5 Published: 2013 Format: Trade Paperback, 180 pages Price: Baht395 / USD10.95 Release date: November 2012 Buy books Worldwide  ::  Buy books in […]

Matt Rees

Matt Rees is an award-winning crime novelist who lives in Jerusalem. The French magazine L’Express called him “the Dashiell Hammett of Palestine.” As a journalist, Rees covered the Middle East for over a decade. Yasser Arafat once tried to have him arrested, but Matt eluded him to write his novels. He was born in Newport, […]

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