‘A Dark Book With a Heart’

Phnom Penh Noir publisher and authors support street children’s education   Bangkok (25 July 2013) – At the heart of noir literature may be wretchedness and misery, but even a very dark fiction is not devoid of hope and has a heart. Heaven Lake Press (HLP) and the 15 authors of Phnom Penh Noir join […]

Phnom Penh Noir

Title: Phnom Penh Noir Author: Roland Joffé, James Grady, John Burdett, Christopher G. Moore, Kosal Khiev, Prabda Yoon, Bopha Phorn, Giancarlo Narciso, Christopher West, Richard Rubenstein, Suong Mak, Andrew Nette, Bob Bergin, Neil Wilford and Christopher Minko. ISBN: 978-616-7503-15-8 Published: 2012 Format: Trade Paperback, 400 pages Price: Baht595 / USD15.95 Release date: November 2012 Buy […]

Prabda Yoon

Prabda Yoon was born in Bangkok, left for the United States at 14 and returned at 26. He has since written almost everything, from short stories, novels, essays, film reviews, screenplays, to song lyrics. His 2002 story collection, Kwam Na Ja Pen (Probability), won the S.E.A. Write Award. He is also the founder of Typhoon […]

Christopher West

Christopher West studied philosophy at the London School of Economics, and since leaving university has earned a living as a writer—of anything, from novels to brochures for ice-cream machines. He lives in Britain but has written extensively about the East. His first published work Journey to the Middle Kingdom was an account of a journey […]

Richard Rubenstein

Richard Rubenstein is the author of eight books on violent conflicts and their resolution, including the best-selling When Jesus Became God and the more recent Reasons to Kill: Why Americans Choose War. A graduate of Harvard College, Oxford University, and Harvard Law School, he is University Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University and […]

Bopha Phorn

Bopha Phorn is an investigative reporter for the Cambodian Daily. This is her first published short story.

Andrew Nette

Andrew Nette is a writer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is one of the editors of the on-line magazine Crime Factory (www.thecrimefactory.com). His short fiction has appeared in a number of print and on-line publications. His debut novel Ghost Money, a crime story set in Cambodia in the mid-nineties, was recently published by Snubnose Press. […]

Giancarlo Narciso

Born and grown up in Milano, Giancarlo Narciso fell in love with Southeast Asia in the mid seventies. He lived in Indonesia, India, Singapore, Japan, and Mexico, before settling down in the Italian Alps in 1993. Giancarlo keeps on returning to the island of Lombok, Indonesia, which is the only place he calls home. He […]

Christopher G. Moore

Canadian Christopher G. Moore is the creator of the award-winning Vincent Calvino crime fiction series and the author of the Land of Smiles Trilogy. In his former life, he studied at Oxford University and taught law at the University of British Columbia. He wrote radio plays for the CBC and NHK before his first novel […]

Christopher Minko

Australian Christopher Minko is the founder, composer, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist of “KROM,” the elusive, exclusive and reclusive Phnom Penh-based band formed in 2010 with Khmer vocalist Sophea Chamroeun and sound engineer Sarin Chhuon. After a youth drenched in music, he was part of the cult 80s Australian band “The Bachelors from Prague” before arriving […]

Suong Mak

Suong Mak is a Cambodian writer. His novel Boyfriend, the first contemporary Khmer novel about a gay-male couple, is being translated into English. His short story in this anthology is his first work to appear in the English language. He is 26 years old. Phnom Penh Noir: Hell in the City.

Kosal Khiev

Kosal Khiev is a Cambodian poet, singer, and performer jailed during his teens in the US prison system and returned to Cambodia after serving his sentence. He was born in a Thai refugee camp. His performance on TED secured his reputation as a fresh, important voice. He was chosen by the Cultural Olympiad in association […]

Roland Joffé

Roland Joffé is a Film Director. He was born in England in 1945. Phnom Penh Noir: Hearts and Minds.

James Grady

James Grady’s first novel became Robert Redford’s movie Three Days of the Condor and gave Grady a career with scores of novels and short stories as well as stints as a U.S. Senate aide, an international investigative reporter, and a Hollywood writer. Grady lives in Washington, D.C. Phnom Penh Noir: The Fires of Forever.

John Burdett

John Burdett was brought up in North London and attended Warwick University where he read English and American Literature. This left him largely unemployable until he re-trained as a barrister and went to work in Hong Kong. He made enough money there to retire early to write novels. To date he has published six novels, […]

Bob Bergin

Bob Bergin, a former U.S. Foreign Service officer and a dealer in Southeast Asian antiques, writes on the history of aviation in Southeast Asia and China, and on OSS and military operations in the China-Burma-India World War II theater. He has published three novels set in Southeast Asia, and a collection of short stories: A […]

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